Legislation Alert – NC House Bill 783

By: Felicia Haigh, Attorney at Law

North Carolina House Bill 783 (“HB 783”), which passed unanimously in the NC House of Representatives, was referred to the Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate earlier this summer.  The bill revises N.C.G.S. § 143-151.12 to give the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board (the “Board”) the power to certify individuals to be State Building Code Permit Technicians pursuant to provisions under a new section of Chapter 143 of the NC General Statutes, N.C.G.S. § 143-151.22.  The new section added to Chapter 143 by HB 783 allows the Board to develop a certification program.  Individuals seeking certification would need to pass an examination based on North Carolina State Building Code, administrative procedures applicable to permit administration, and other relevant topics in support of Code-enforcement officials and local inspection departments.  Also, those seeking certification will be required to pay an initial certification fee of not more than $20.  Thereafter, those seeking to renew their certification will be required to pay a renewal fee of not more than $10.

Certified individuals will be required to participate in continuing education courses approved by the Board in order to renew their certification each year.  The number of credit hours required per year will be determined by the Board but will not be more than 3 credit hours.

The new section of Chapter 143 would also provide some individuals the ability to be certified without taking the initial examination.  The Board will waive the examination requirement for anyone applying for certification, who at the time of application, possesses a Building Inspector standard certificate issued by the Board and is in good standing.  Additionally, the Board has the option to provide comity for any applicant, who at the time of application, is in good standing and is similarly certified as a permit technician by a similar board of another jurisdiction or is in good standing and is certified as a permit technician by the International Code Council, where such standards are acceptable to the Board.  Those that are not required to take the initial examination will still be required to pay the initial certification fee in order to be certified.

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