Our North Carolina Mediation Lawyers Provide Solutions-Driven Advocacy 

At Anderson Jones, PLLC, our experienced Raleigh mediation attorneys are committed to helping our clients find efficient, low-conflict, and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of legal matters. Successful mediation requires the proper amount of preparation. Have questions about mediation? We can help. Please contact our Raleigh law office today for a fully private case review with a top mediation lawyer. 

What is Mediation?

Not all significant legal conflicts necessarily end up in litigation. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can be a cost-effective, efficient way to resolve a matter in a structured but flexible and non-adversarial setting. The process involves a neutral third party (the mediator) who is tasked with helping to facilitate a resolution between two or more parties involved in a legal dispute. Essentially, these individuals help two or more disputing parties reach a mutually agreed upon resolution to their conflict. Broadly speaking, the goal of mediation is to promote understanding, cooperation, and communication between the parties and help them reach a satisfactory resolution. 

Know the Benefits of Mediating a Legal Dispute

Mediation is a form of ADR that can provide benefits across a wide range of legal conflicts—from real estate disputes and construction disputes to partnership and shareholder disputes. Some of the potential advantages of mediating a legal dispute include the following: 

  • Save Money: Mediation is often less expensive than traditional litigation. It can reduce certain legal fees and other court costs. Mediation can be part of the litigation process. 
  • Save Time: Mediation can be a faster way to resolve disputes as it can avoid much of the time-consuming process of court proceedings.
  • Preserve Relationships: Mediation can help preserve relationships between the disputing parties as it focuses on finding mutually agreeable solutions. It can be especially effective for resolving disputes between parties that want to maintain continued commercial relations. 

How the North Carolina Mediation Lawyers at Anderson Jones Can Help

With an emphasis on helping our clients secure amicable, cost-effective solutions that are in their best interests, the mediation practice at Anderson Jones, PLLC is committed to top-quality service. We are proactive. Your dispute may be a strong candidate for mediation, and if so, we will tell you. Our legal team is here to protect you as you  navigate the process. 

Additionally, two lawyers in the office are North Carolina Superior Court certified mediators.  They can help advocate for clients in mediation, and also conduct mediations for third parties under the purview of the court.

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