OSHA Defense

We Provide OSHA Defense Representation in Raleigh and Throughout North Carolina

At Anderson Jones, PLLC, our Raleigh-based OSHA defense lawyers are standing by, ready to protect the rights and interests of you and your business. If you have questions about an OSHA investigation and/or an alleged OSHA violation, we are here to help. To set up an initial confidential consultation with a top North Carolina OSHA defense lawyer, contact us today. 

Understanding the Role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. It was established in 1970 with the goal of ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees in the United States. The North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSH), a division of the Department of Labor, is responsible for enforcing OSHA safety standards, providing training and education to employers and employees, and promoting safety and health in the workplace in North Carolina. Pursuant to its authority under federal and state law, NC OSH also: 

  • Investigates workplace safety complaints
  • Conducts workplace safety inspections
  • Issues penalties for violations of its standards 

With OSHA/OSH, it is always best to be proactive. You should ensure that there are managers or other staff on your worksite who are trained on how to handle compliance inspections. An OSHA defense lawyer is an essential resource if you face any type of potential enforcement action or alleged violation. 

We Provide a Full Range of OSHA Defense Services in North Carolina

Dealing with the Occupational Safety and Health Division can be difficult. Whether you are an employer in the construction industry, a contractor, or any other type of company, it is crucial that you know how to navigate inspections—and potential enforcement actions—by state and federal regulators. We provide solutions-driven OSHA defense services to employers in North Carolina. In addition to our other practice areas, our Raleigh, NC-based OSHA defense attorneys are prepared to help your company with the following: 

  • Representation during OSHA inspections and investigations
  • Defense against citations and proposed penalties
  • Assistance with abatement and correction of alleged violations 
  • Preparation and submission of written responses and hearing requests
  • Representation during administrative hearings and appeals. 
  • Compliance counseling and training on OSHA-related matters. 

Why Businesses Trust the Raleigh OSHA Defense Lawyers at Anderson Jones

Facing an investigation and/or possible penalties for workplace safety violations is complicated and stressful. At Anderson Jones, PLLC, we can not only proactively protect the rights and interests of our clients, but also diligently defend an already-issued citation. More specifically, our North Carolina OSHA defense lawyers are ready to: 

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your case.
  • Answer questions about the OSHA investigation and citation process.  
  • Investigate the matter, gathering and organizing the necessary information and evidence.
  • Develop a thorough, personalized OSHA defense strategy to help get the best results. 

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At Anderson Jones, PLLC, our Raleigh-based OSHA defense lawyers are diligent, results-driven advocates for businesses. If you are facing an OSHA investigation, citation, or complaint, or any other related matter, we can help. Contact us to schedule an initial legal consultation. From our Raleigh law office, we are well-positioned to handle OSHA cases throughout North Carolina.