Navigating Change: Proposed Rule Impacting Federal Contractors’ Hiring Practices

We’ve got our eyes on a recent proposed rule that could impact those bidding on federal contracts. While we’re still digging into the details, it seems like a rule that might interest contractors.

The proposed rule aims to prohibit government contractors from considering pay history when making employment decisions for specific positions. It also introduces disclosure/reporting requirements. Take note: the comment period is open until 4/1/2024.

The goal is to promote pay equity by reducing the ability to pay wages based on previous earnings, which help perpetuate inequitable pay practices. The proposed policy aims to boost worker satisfaction, job performance, and overall productivity in the Federal contractor workforce and limit turnover that can slow contract completion.

If this rule impacts your business, let federal regulators know by leaving a comment that can help shape the final rule.
For more details, check out the proposed rule and share your thoughts! Let’s work together to navigate these changes and ensure the efficiency of the federal contracting landscape.