Contractors Reevaluating Risk Management

According to the National Safety Council’s report, employers faced $12.8 billion of uninsured costs According to the National Safety Council’s most recent report, employers faced $12.8 billion of uninsured costs associated with work-related injuries.  Insurance alone is not enough. As risks increase, now is the time for contractors to re-evaluate {and update} their risk profile and focus on solid risk management habits that will set them up for success in 2023.  According to this article, a few ways to begin this process are the following: 

  • Contractors should review their risks every time they begin a new project, and at a minimum once a year
  • Assess potential risks in areas, such as, property, inventory, employees, environmental exposures, auto and equipment, third parties, and quality
  • Review and update written safety plans
  • Establish a frequent training cadence (g. monthly)

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