New CDC Guidance for Essential Workers Who May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, essential workers are on the front lines of the pandemic and may be exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Previously, the CDC recommended a 14-day quarantine for these individuals even if they were asymptomatic, but the agency has released new guidance for essential employees that changes their recommendations which will allow essential workers to continue working (as long as they remain asymptomatic).


DO :

  • Take your temperature before work
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Practice social distancing (physically distancing oneself from other individuals more than 6 feet) in the workplace as work duties permit
  • Clean and disinfect all work spaces constantly


  • Stay at work if you become sick
  • Share headsets or objects used near face
  • Congregate in the break room or other crowded places

To read the full guidance, click here. Thank you to all of the essential workers who are heroes risking their lives every day for the greater good.