2021 Business Trends

The pandemic has caused many businesses, especially small ones, to rethink their business structure, and have forced them to change with the times. Successful businesses in 2020 discovered a few different tactics that will most likely keep their businesses growing in 2021. These predicted trends include the following:

    • Prioritizing e-commerce: According to an IBM report, digital shopping has grown significantly; speeding up the process up to five years.
    • Offering alternative payment options for consumers: Contactless credit and debit cards, mobile pay, and online payments with curbside pickup will continue to increase.
    • Offering remote work to employees: Many businesses, small or large, have continued to offer work from home for their employees, and will most likely make this a long-term option.
    • Offering virtual services: Since the pandemic there has been especially an increase in demand for cybersecurity, at-home fitness, food delivery, gaming, home improvement, and telemedicine businesses.

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